• Clear advice on solar suitability and performance
  • Best practice design and installation standards
  • Full five-year warranty and support
  • Tailor made and non-standard designs
  • Associated building works undertaken
  • Listed building and conversation area work
  • Advice and quotes for repairs to existing systems
  • Design & commission service for self-installers
  • Health and safety is our number one priority
Morning Sun

The Basics


In a nutshell, solar (photovoltaic) systems turn energy from sunlight into electricity you can use for just about everything. It’s clean, it’s cost-effective, and it’s the way of the future.


How Solar Works


If you’re new to solar, it may seem like magic. Your panels just sit on your roof, minding their own business, discretely powering everything in your life. How it works is simpler than you might guess, and really, really cool.

Sun on modules

Economics Of Solar


Solar is certainly an investment, but it’s one that pays off big in the long run. Learn about the various ways to obtain your own PV system, including great financing options, and how it will all affect your bottom line.

Solar Charge Controller

Solar For Me


Solar is awesome. From small 12v solar lighting systems to Solar Farms, we have a solar solution for every situation. Call us to discuss your needs.


Panels in a light bulb